Just a few short months ago

most Americans had never heard the phrase social distancing, but today almost everyone understands what it means to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart. As states open back up for business and people return to work, social distancing will still be recommended, and two-way radios can help make that transition back to work smooth and successful.

Benefits of Two-Way Radios:

The advantages of two-way radios are the same as always, but as businesses work to adapt quickly to a new reality, those benefits are even more important. The advantages of two-way radios are the same as always, but as businesses work to adapt quickly to a new reality, those benefits are even more important.

• Affordable wireless communication with no installation fees.

• Durable equipment that can be cleaned thoroughly when shared between users to reduce the risk of transmitting viruses.

• One-to-one or many-to-one communication abilities.

• Physical barriers aren’t an obstruction to communication ability.

• Instant communication — no wait time to make a call or send a text.

Integrating Two-Way Radios in your Business:

Security professionals and first responders have years of experience with the benefits of two-way radios, but for social distancing purposes, this convenient form of communication can work well in all sorts of other businesses as well.

Nursing homes:

Having two-way radios available for visitors can help families stay connected to their loved ones even when they can’t come inside to visit. Rather than making attempts at sign language through the window, each party can have a radio and carry on a conversation. The radios are also convenient for communicating between caregivers, nurses and maintenance. One of the benefits is the ability to assign channels to keep conversations between specific segments separate.


As takeout and curbside pick-up orders take the place of crowded dining rooms, two-way radios can provide a much-needed link between servers and kitchen staff. Rather than having to run back and forth, you can have a person dedicated to the outside service communicating to someone inside over the radio.

Warehouses, construction sites, and other large areas:

It’s easy to keep the necessary space between people at large workplaces, but communicating can be a chore. Two-way radios allow you to stay in your separate areas yet still maintain contact with others at the worksite.

There are many great possibilities for two-way radios to help improve your business’s productivity and efficiency as we head back to work in an era of social distancing. Allow our professionals at RCS Wireless Technology to help you come up with the plan that works best for your situation. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Whether you are working at a school, a hospital, or any other organization that serves the public, you know the safety of your employees, students and customers is a top priority. Call today to find out how RCS Wireless Technology can help you provide the best communication solution possible.

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