When lives are in the balance, first responders have placed their trust and confidence in RCS Wireless Technology since 1959…

Our mission for over 50 years has been to improve our customers’ safety, security and business efficiencies through meeting both their fundamental and advanced communications needs.

Do you need to measure and comprehensively map radio frequency signals and/or cellular signal?

RCS and Get A Better Signal are proud to announce the immediate availability of this signal testing service for any sized location. Clean and accurate reports give you the data that you need to become compliant with National Codes (Section 510.1)

Our partnership with PCTEL (the Public Safety Network Testing Solution) enables RCS technicians the ability to measure multi-band radio-coverage with even greater accuracy.

2 Way Radios

RCS offers communication solutions for law enforcement, emergency responders, hospitals, hotels and more. We understand the importance of instant communication….

Emergency Callboxes

Emergency communication units are a vital part of any serious security system. A durable wireless call box system from CALL24 will act as a highly visible deterrent….

Call24 Security

CALL24 Security is an industry standard security system and service provider. From malls, to school, to churches, Call24 Security divisions offer….

Get A Better Signal

Are you in need of a simple, easy-to-install solution to boost the cellular signal for your home or office building? We can improve the signal for any size building


Whether you work in public safety, utilities, restaurants or medical industries, AMS paging systems will increase productivity and make communication more efficient…

Vehicle Upfit

When a first responder is heading to a disaster or crime scene, the last thing they need to worry about is the performance of the equipment on their police, fire, or emergency vehicle….

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