Experience the New RCSCom.com

It’s been 60 years since Nick Reisenweaver launched RCS, a fledgling wireless communications company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Over those six decades a lot has changed in the industry, as technology moved from tube-and-crystal radios to low-maintenance transistors to cellular communications, along with many other technological advances. Through it all, RCS Wireless Technology has stayed on top of the latest tech to provide the best products and services to all clients.

Being able to succeed in the constantly evolving world of wireless communications means much more than just staying abreast of emerging solutions. It means communicating with our clients to understand their needs, striving to constantly improve our customer service and working to promote our products and services in the best way possible. For that, we are excited to announce the launch or our newly redesigned website.

RCS Wireless Technology is the go-to place for wireless tech and security needs for individuals, businesses and government entities in North Carolina and across the United States. Our new website reflects that by bringing together all five arms of our business under one platform. RCSCom.com is your go-to site for all of your communication and security needs, whether you’re a school looking to improve security in the wake of school shootings or a business with dead spots for cellular service within your building that wants to provide continuous service for customers and employees.

On our site you’ll find information about:

Call24 Wireless Callbox Systems

Security features for public spaces such as parks, city streets and parking garages that not only help protect customers, employees or visitors but also serve as a deterrent for crime.


Call24 Security

Video cameras, servers and software combine to provide a full-time security system that helps keep you safe.


2-Way Radio

Providing instant communication and rapid response when you need it most. Our high-tech systems are perfect for law enforcement, emergency responders, hospitals, hotels and more.


Vehicle Upfit

When you need security features on the go, our professional staff can customize your vehicle to support the communication, navigation and security features you need on any emergency or service vehicle.


Cellular Booster / BDA

Partnering with Nextivity, we provide a solution to help you provide cellular service for your employees and customers wherever you need it.

RCS Is A One-Stop-Shop

In addition to providing solutions for all situations, we have also made additions to our professional services and offerings, changing the way we define excellence to match our top-notch security solutions. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and work to find the security solution that best fits your needs.

We invite you to explore the website to learn more about RCS Wireless Technology. If you have any questions or are looking for help with wireless technology systems, call our sales team today at 336-788-9191, or toll-free at 800-441-9191, or use the button below to send a message to one of our customer service agents.