This spring, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department purchased three new Zero Motorcycles to add to the vehicle fleet. 

The motorcycles are a way to boost the visibility of the department within the community, where they’ll be used in parades, road races, and for patrolling at lake access points and school zones. The maneuverability of motorcycles makes it easier for these types of situations than traditional patrol cars. 

The electric motorcycles also bring the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. These all-electric motorcycles are recharged by plugging into a standard outlet — they don’t even need charging stations. With no gas consumption, no combustion and no fumes in the air, the department is doing their part to lower their carbon footprint.

Our Upfit Specialists

Meet Ronnie and Russell, our two expert upfit specialists. These guys have worked on almost any public safety vehicle you can think of. Here they are making final modifications to the Zero DSR bike. 

Modifying existing lights

In order to help get these three new Zero Motorcycles fully equipped for service, the sheriff’s department came to RCS Wireless Technology for some help with a light upgrade. The motorcycles are designed for civilian needs, and needed brighter lights to help make them safe for the deputies.

RCS Wireless Technology upgraded the existing lights to LED lights, and installed four additional LED lights on each motorcycle, increasing the number of lights and the overall brightness. “The challenge with this job was locating the power source within the motorcycle to run these lights,” says Rick Black, vice president and wireless division manager. “Working with the electric engine rather than a traditional gas one was different, but we’re up for the challenge.”

The new LED lights will help improve the visibility of the officers whether they’re helping with a parade escort or making a vehicle stop. It also helps them be more visible to oncoming traffic, which helps with overall safety.

“Lighting is an important part of safety for any vehicle on the road, and we specialize in lighting for public safety vehicles of all types,” Rick says. “What really sets us apart from the competition is our customer service. We’re available for our customers anytime Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., without an appointment, to make sure their equipment is working correctly and keep them safe on the road.”


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