For one client of RCS Wireless Technology, the new Cel-Fi Compass that became a part of our company’s technicians toolkit a few months ago has made an incredible improvement in customer service.

This large financial company based in Fort Mill, SC, put a top priority on having high-speed cell service for its employees and clients. With more than a thousand people working in the six-story building, there are people on smartphones at all times of the day, with all four of the top providers — AT&T, Verizon, Spring and T Mobile. RCS Wireless Technology helped create a network and booster system that would enable everyone throughout the building, no matter where they happened to be, to have optimal service. But even with the help from RCS Wireless Technology, the client still faced challenges with cell service.

“We got multiple calls from the contact that the service wasn’t what they expected,” says Thomas Edwards, installation technician with RCS. “We went down to the site and checked everything out, even looking for a different tower to point their donor antenna to.”

After multiple trouble shooting trips and ensuring the client everything was in top working order, there still seemed to be a problem with service within the building. Thomas communicated to the client that the problem must be something with the cell phone carrier itself, rather than the booster and equipment, but without the evidence to back that up the client was reluctant to pursue that route.

Once RCS Wireless Technology made the Cel-Fi Compass available to its technicians, things took a turn for the better with the client in Fort Mill.

“We went down to this client with the Compass and were able to test the signal coming from every direction. Now we had specific reports on the specific cell signal strength for each carrier in all directions, and the report actually recommended pointing the donor antennae the direction we had it originally.”

The data helped back up Thomas’s report to the client that the equipment was installed and working correctly, and any service issues were on the part of an algorithmic issue with the BDA technology or the cell service provider in question. Taking care of customers is the number one priority at RCS Wireless Technology, so Thomas took the next steps of getting the client connected with the support team from Nextivity to work out any technical issues that might be affecting their service. 

“This new Compass tool has changed the way we handle installations and service calls drastically,” Thomas says. “Thanks to the signal strength indicators, we know on site exactly how well a system is working and we’re able to trouble shoot much more effectively.”

To learn more about the Cell-Fi Compass and its applications, call our Get A Better Signal team at 1-336-788-9191, or toll-free at 1-800-441-9191. Our trained staff can help answer all your questions and set up a service call to get your construction project up to code.