It’s easy to take smartphones for granted.

Whether you’re a physician in a hospital, a security officer in a high-rise building or a foreman in a factory, being able to communicate is a top priority. But the structure and expansive nature of some buildings impedes signal strength, leading to dropped calls and slow data speeds.

Signal boosters are one way to help solve the service problem within buildings. But even with a signal booster, there can still be interference in your service from what is called the “near/far” challenge.

What is the Near/Far Challenge?

One way to describe the near/far challenge is to think of two different stereo speakers. If you have two speakers equal distance from you, one playing note A and one playing note B, you hear a perfect balance of both notes. But move speaker A closer to you and speaker B further away, and now you hear note A blasting loudly in your ear drums with hints of note B in the background. 

That noise in the background that interferes with note A is similar to what happens with cell signals, depending on the towers you are utilizing. A cell signal booster is designed to boost all cellular bands, regardless of carrier. A strong signal from a nearby tower might come in loud and clear, while making it challenging for the system to amplify the weaker signal from the further tower.

Solving the Problem

RCS Wireless Technology has partnered with Nextivity to provide a cell signal booster that solves the near/far challenge thanks to a proprietary algorithm.

No matter which tower is closer, or “louder,” the Nextivity boosters filter all incoming signals and boost them evenly. Cel-Fi is Nextivity’s brand of self-configuring, environmentally aware indoor coverage solutions. The unit is placed in an area where the strongest native signal can be received from the carrier network, then the network uses a transmitter and receiver to communicate with the cell tower, enabling better quality calls and greater data throughout.

Our enterprise level signal booster solutions work with all major carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint to boost signal in spaces ranging from 10,000 to 2 million square feet. It’s great for hospitals, schools, factories, and any place that has concrete walls or large basements.

Don’t Let Bad Signal Disrupt Your Productivity.

Boost your company’s efficiency, security and customer satisfaction by boosting your signal. For more information on how we can create a custom solution for you, call RCS Wireless Technology today.

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