Solar Power Savings with Call24 Wireless Callboxes

Did you know that RCS Wireless Technology was “green” before being green was trendy? These days there is a lot of talk about alternative energy sources, and people are finding new and creative ways to power up cars, homes and even hot tubs. One of the more popular forms of alternative energy that has actually been around as long as the solar system itself is the sun. Solar panels are a great way to use a reliable energy source to power up a battery, and solar-powered callboxes have been a part of the offerings of RCS Wireless since the 1990s.

How Does Solar Power Work?

Our sun is like a nuclear reactor powering up the solar system, constantly emitting photons, or little packets of energy. When those photons hit the solar cell of a solar panel it knocks the electrons loose from the atoms, and as those electrons flow through a circuit they generate electricity.

The solar panel on the Call24 Wireless callbox converts the energy from the sun into electricity which is stored in a sealed battery that powers the box.

Just a few hours of sun per day can provide enough power to keep the callbox going. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays travel to Earth and provide enough energy to keep the callbox up and running.

Benefits of Going Solar

RCS Wireless Technology is proud to offer a solar-powered option in its line of emergency callboxes. Some of the benefits of solar power include:

  1. Placement flexibility, as the solar power needs no wires or trenching.
  2. Ensures a long-term, stable power supply.
  3. Reduced costs over the long-term as replacement batteries changed on 3 year intervals are proven to be reliable and inexpensive.
  4. Combined with a 2-way radio, it provides a completely wireless solution.

The Ideal Solution

Call24 Wireless emergency callboxes are an ideal solution for college campuses, public parks, and any place with open spaces that can provide a few hours of sunlight each day. As more people are concerned about how we use our planet’s resources, these callboxes provide an affordable alternative solution. The bright red and blue design is a symbol of safety around campuses and parks all over North Carolina and throughout the United States, and the solar panels serve as a symbol of commitment to keeping our planet healthy for the next generation.

If you’re looking for an instant communication system that will last your organization and your team for years and years, RCS Wireless Technology (and their sister companies) can be a one-stop-shop for all of your wireless communication and security system needs. Our professional staff has the tools and the knowledge to help you design a solution that fits your needs, and your budget.

Whether you are working at a school, a hospital, or any other organization that serves the public, you know the safety of your employees, students and customers is a top priority. Call today to find out how RCS Wireless Technology can help you provide the best communication solution possible.

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