Like many counties in our state, Guilford County’s sheriff’s office includes an emergency response team among its specialized teams of deputies.

This team of 36 employees includes tactical operators, tactical paramedics, command staff and support personnel. They have been trained to respond to hostage situations, terrorist events, search/arrest warrant situations and other tactical operations that may arise. They have also gone through extensive training to respond to all chemical, biological, nuclear, radioactive and explosive related incidents in the county.

In addition to the training, it’s important that this team of specialized forces be supplied with the right equipment to do their job. The county purchased an International Armored Truck (MRAP) in 2018. This truck is designed with armored components and ballistic glass and framing systems to provide a full vehicle armored solution. It adds a layer of protection for the teams when entering a potentially dangerous hostage, terrorist or explosive-related incident.

The vehicle itself is an impressive feat of engineering, built to withstand multiple hits from high-powered rifles and light machine guns. But it’s just as important that the team is able to communicate even while working in this armored vehicle.

That’s where the team at RCS Wireless Technology came into place.

Our experts in communications and emergency response were able to install lighting and communication equipment to make this SWAT vehicle totally operational for the special team in Guilford County.

Currently, first responders have access to instant communication through two-way radios, which provide a valuable service during times of emergency. But the possibilities afforded by a dedicated network are game-changing when it comes to emergency response. With access to a smartphone or tablet in addition to instant verbal communication, emergency personnel can access data such as maps for dispatch, response plans for specific situations and much more.


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