Paging Services

RCS Wireless Technology offers reliable paging solutions that allow you to keep in touch no matter where you are. Whether you work in public safety, utilities, restaurants or medical industries, our paging systems will increase productivity and make communication more efficient. With RCS Technology, you get outstanding customer service, a large coverage area and competitive pricing. We offer service plans to meet every need and budget.

General Inquiries

Learn what paging services are right for you? RCS provides pagers for any size company and for any industry.

Pager Repairs

Do your devices need repairs? RCS provides in-house repairs for the largest paging brands out there.

Custom Solutions

For security dispatch outfitting or large order inquiries, please contact one of our sales members today.

Did You Know

As practical as smart-phones are, there are many environments where they are less than ideal. Be it due to poor coverage by cell-towers or inclement weather, for industries that demand reliable and immediate communication, pagers are still considered a go-to standard.

Product Lines

Unication Alpha

  • 4-Line Alphanumeric Display
  • Built-In Alarm Clock
  • Message Time Stamp
  • Message Lock
  • Reminder Alert

Apollo T2000 Numeric

  • Interglow LCD Display
  • Multiple Alert Tones
  • Message Time Stamp
  • Message Lock
  • Reminder Alert

Titan III Alphanumeric

  • 4-Line Alphanumeric Display
  • Built-In Alarm Clock
  • Message Time Stamp
  • Message Lock
  • Reminder Alert

Pager Plans

Pager Features

Internet Paging
Emails can be forwarded or sent to your pager. Send pages from our website or via a PC Client software that is compatible with most CAD Systems using SNPP or Tap Protocols.
Voice Mail & Page Forwarding
Callers leave voice messages that alert your pager.

Receive your pages on your cell phone.

Custom Greetings
Callers will hear your customized voice message.
Toll-Free Numbers
Your clients and customers can reach at no cost.
Numeric Retrieval
The ability to retrieve messages sent while you are traveling outside of the coverage region.
Diverse Plans Available
There are lots of options to choose from that will be tailored to your needs. Our goal is to find a solution that suits your needs, while simultaneously being cost-effective. One-way alpha and one-way numeric options are available.

Coverage Maps

Coverage Maps - 929 Paging

Coverage Maps - VHF Paging

By Industry

For The Medical Industry
Making your guests happy is essential to success in the hospitality industry. Our pager systems allow you to improve your response rates so that you are able to give your patients the best service available. Instant communication allows you to improve room turnover rate, respond to emergencies more quickly, increase staff efficiency and improve overall guest service and satisfaction. 
For Business & Industry
Easy and reliable communication is essential for boosting productivity and improving efficiency in the workplace. Never miss another important call due to signal degradation by using one of the paging systems from RCS. We offer the most innovative technology at prices that will meet any budget.
Restaurant Guest Pagers
Our paging systems are designed to let your guests know when their table is ready. With a light, beep or vibration, guests are notified as soon as you are able to seat them. This type of paging system not only eliminates the need for disrupting announcements, it also makes the seating process more efficient. Your guests are free to spend time at the bar or sit outside without worrying that they will not get a table. The faster you are able to turnaround your tables, the more sales and profits you will enjoy. Paging systems enable you to deliver the best customer service possible to your guests.
Restaurant Server Pagers
Getting food to your tables when it is hot and fresh is your top priority. Our server paging systems instantly notify servers when their guests’ food is ready to be served. This allows your servers to spend more time out on the floor and provide your customers with the best customer service possible.

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Good communication is essential to the success of your business. We will work with your company to customize a two-way radio system that will help you do things better, faster and cost-effectively. Our goal is to help you improve your productivity while staying within your budget.

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