This year

marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, a momentous day in the lives of all Americans and people around the globe. When Neil Armstrong said the now famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” his voice was heard right here on Earth thanks to the technology and equipment from L3 Technologies. 

Today, those out-of-this-world innovations and advances in communications are still being made, only this time by an even larger company with more resources at its disposal. Last October, two well-known communications giants, Harris Corporation and L3 Technologies, merged to create a new company, L3 Harris Technologies.


The New Brand - L3 Harris

This merger created the sixth-largest defense company in the United States and brought together two forces in the communications world.

The Merged Companies

The two companies now have combined resources of research and development, investments and operation synergies.

The creation of the new company (L3 Harris) brings additional growth opportunities and greater value for all customers, which includes those of RCS Wireless Technology.


 For years we’ve been proud to supply our customers with products from both Harris Corporation and L3 Technologies. Both are well known for their quality and value. Today, with the increased scale brought by the merger, the company has an even broader portfolio of capabilities to address the constantly evolving needs of its customers. 


From first responders to educational professionals, equipment from L3 Harris helps improve communication and safety. With online training courses and a great customer care team, you know when you purchase products from L3 Harris you’ll have the support you need to get everyone on board and working immediately.


“We’re excited about the benefits this merger will bring to the technologies in communication products for our first responders,” said Rick Black, vice president, wireless division manager, RCS Wireless Technology. “At RCS, we pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date, technologically advanced equipment, and this new company helps us continue with that mission.”


Call RCS Wireless Technology today to speak with a representative to learn more about the products from L3 Harris and how they can help your organization’s safety and communications.

Whether you are working at a school, a hospital, or any other organization that serves the public, you know the safety of your employees, students and customers is a top priority. Call today to find out how RCS Wireless Technology can help you provide the best security possible.

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