Communication is Critical for EMS Personnel

When disaster strikes, first responders are on the front lines. Whether they’re responding to a natural disaster such as a hurricane, an active shooter, a car accident, or a loved one suffering from a heart attack, each case is critical and each person wants help — fast!


Reliable, real-time communication is important during these situations for three reasons:

Quick responses save lives.

Only a small percentage of 911 calls have time sensitive needs (such as heart attacks or blocked airways), but in those critical cases, a few minutes can be a matter of life or death. Reliable communication plays an important part in quick response as well as medical advice from hospital staff while the patient is on the way to the hospital.

Communication can improve responder safety.

Being able to talk with other first responders and public safety officials is important in any type of call, whether you’re looking out for live power lines after a storm or responding to an active shooter situation and working with others at the scene.

Providing good customer service and overall satisfaction.

Even when it’s not a matter of life or death, an emergency feels urgent to those who are making the call. EMS personnel who are on the scene quickly and able to communicate effectively with each other and other medical professionals and public safety officials make a better impression on customers, patients and the general public than a responder who can’t get service or has to constantly repeat themselves in order to be understood.

When disaster strikes, will you be ready?

With a good, 2-way radio communication system in place, your organization can improve customer satisfaction, responder safety and patient care. Here’s how:

Reliable service. A 2-way radio, unlike cell phones, provides communication abilities even during large-scale disasters when cell service is down. You don’t have to worry about searching for good reception or looking for a signal, instead you can focus on the patient.

Durable, waterproof equipment. In the middle of an emergency, the last thing a responder needs to be worried about is whether they’re equipment is dry. 2-way radios are built to withstand a beating and take anything the weather can dish out.

Ability to communicate with multiple entities. When you’re on the scene and need information from medical personnel at the hospital as well as be kept abreast of any changes in the situation, it’s important to have clear channels of communication open to all parties. Communication through 2-way radios give you the ability to have real-time communication with multiple entities.

Repeater systems to boost signals. Powerful 2-way radios can integrate with repeater systems when needed in order to boost signals in large areas to maintain continuous communication

Card-carrying Professionals are standing by

RCS Wireless Technology can help outfit your team with the communications systems that will get you on the scene as quickly as possible and help you maintain reliable communication at all times. We provide 2-way radio communication solutions for EMS, law enforcement, hospitals and more with an understanding of the importance of instant communication and a knowledge of the best technology for the situation. Call our service team today to learn more about our products and services at 336-788-9191, or toll-free at 800-441-9191, or use the button below to send a message to one of our customer service agents.