COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for people all over the world this spring and summer.

Large events have been canceled, most sports are shut down, and vacations are canceled or drastically re-imagined. Luckily there’s still one thing that’s available for fun — the great outdoors! From community green-spaces to state and national parks, families are getting outside, together. Tennis is a great sport for social distancing, and the greenways and walking trails cities and communities have invested in over the years are now a hotspot for people looking to get out of the house. 

With more people accessing these outdoor activities, the organizations in charge of keeping up the trails and parks are also looking at enhanced safety measures to make sure everyone enjoys themselves in a safe and protected manner. Call24 Wireless Callbox systems from RCS Wireless Technology are a great way to improve the safety and security of everyone using your trails.

Benefits of Callboxes

Call24 Wireless Callboxes (developed by RCS Wireless Technology) are proud to offer a variety of solar-powered options in its line of emergency callboxes. 

    A visible deterrent to crime:

    Having callboxes at strategically placed locations of a park or green-space is a good way to help stop crime before it happens. These bright red and blue boxes labeled with “Emergency” alert any possible criminals to the fact that law enforcement is just minutes away.

    A reliable communication source:

    Whether someone is worried about a suspicious person or has an injury and can’t walk back to their car, callboxes serve as a reliable way to get in touch with emergency personnel. Even though most people have cellphones, there are times when service is unreliable, or the battery might be dead. Emergency callboxes use long-range wireless service that seamlessly integrates into analog, digital, and P25 radio systems. The call box location alerts also automatically alert base and patrol officer radios.

    Cost-effective and easy to install:

    Because they’re wireless, there’s no trenching or boring necessary to install our emergency callboxes. They’re also easy to relocate when traffic patterns or the ways people use the park changes.

    The Ideal Solution:

    Call24 Wireless emergency callboxes are an ideal solution for college campuses, public parks, and any place with open spaces that need an instant-communication option. As more people are concerned about how we use our planet’s resources, these callboxes provide an affordable solar solution. The bright red and blue or yellow and white designs are a symbol of safety around campuses and parks all over North Carolina and throughout the United States, and the solar panels serve as a symbol of commitment to keeping our planet healthy for the next generation.

    If you’re looking for an instant communication system that will last your organization and your team for years and years, RCS Wireless Technology (and their sister companies) can be a one-stop-shop for all of your wireless communication and security system needs. Our professional staff has the tools and the knowledge to help you design a solution that fits your needs, and your budget.

    Whether you are working at a school, a hospital, or any other organization that serves the public, you know the safety of your employees, students, customers, and visitors is a top priority. Call today to find out how Call24 Wireless Callbox Systems and RCS Wireless Technology can help you provide the best communication solution possible.

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