If you’ve ever come to your business in the morning

to open up and found graffiti on an outdoor wall, or walked into the bathroom after a late-night shift only to find every soap dispenser broken, you know first-hand how frustrating vandalism can be. Vandalism leads to lost revenue and productivity as business owners and school officials spend time and money on clean up and repair that could be used for more costs business owners and schools thousands of dollars in clean up and repair each year, not to mention the productivity lost when focusing on clean up.

Any public property is at risk for vandalism,

but schools rank high in the type of property that often suffers from this crime. One reason is due to the fact that adolescents and teens are the most common perpetrators of vandalism, and they spend a lot of time at schools. It’s also interesting to note that vandalism isn’t usually a senseless crime. It’s often done to convey a message or express frustration, other traits often associated with youth.

Luckily there are some steps business owners and schools can take to curb vandalism and protect your property. Just remember, no system is 100% fool-proof, but the hope is to save some time and money so you can focus on more important things.

5 tips to curb vandalism:  

1. Clean and repair any vandalism ASAP. Vandalism is one of those crimes where if someone sees it, they’re more likely to copy the act. Keep this from occurring with swift action.


2. Install bright lights in outdoor spaces. The possibility of being seen is a big deterrent.


3. Add security cameras to outdoor areas and public spaces near bathrooms. Bathrooms are a common place vandalism occurs, due to their private nature. Of course while it’s illegal to have security cameras where privacy is expected, you can position them toward a public area. The presence of cameras and “cameras in use” signage is often enough of a deterrent.


4. Create signage. Strategic placement of signs reading “Security Cameras in Use” can help reduce incidents of vandalism. These signs are especially important in bathrooms, to allow the public to know the cameras are present.


5. Support youth programs in your community. Donating to Big Brother/Big Sister, scout organizations or the YMCA are good ways to support programs that provide adolescents and teens with a safe place to go to hang out with friends and stay active, giving them less time to cause trouble for local businesses.


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