24-Hour Security to Improve School Safety

At West Stokes High School, there are many visible ways for visitors to see the school is secure. Cameras at strategic points monitor everyone who goes in and out of the buildings, as well as activities within the school itself. Two school resource officers (SROs) are assigned to the school for daily patrol, and students are all given ID cards with a microchip on the back that allows them to come in and out of buildings securely. All of this is designed to help students and staff feel safe at school and able to focus on learning. 

But no amount of security can help ease students’ anxiety when someone poses a potential threat to their school.

“One day earlier this school year someone posted on a social media app that allows you to remain anonymous that they were going to come shoot up our school,” says one West Stokes High School student. “They were very specific, saying they would be there at 12:00 on a certain date. Everyone knew about it, and I was pretty scared, but I went to school anyway.” 

The student (who requested to remain anonymous) reports that on that day, security was stepped up even more than usual. 

“We were in ‘shelter’ mode, which means you could come and go from the school, but teachers had to escort you to the bathroom and they had to stand out in the halls during class changes. There were also uniformed police officers at each end of the building.”

Luckily, nothing happened that day at West Stokes. But with the number of school shootings on the rise, the threat of something happening in our own neighborhood becomes more likely every day.

In the first five months of 2019…

There were 15 school shootings in the United States where someone was hurt or killed, according to CNN. They occurred across the country, from North Carolina to California, and happened at elementary, middle and high schools as well as college campuses. It’s no wonder our kids feel nervous going to school. Watching kids their age at candlelight vigils on the news and practicing lockdowns at school bring home the reality of the occurrence of school shootings.


While not every incident can be prevented, it’s up to school officials and the taxpayers who support the school to do everything they can to improve school security and help our kids feel safe. Everyone deserves to learn in an environment where they’re focused 100 percent on academics and extra-curriculars, and not worried about who might be bringing a gun to school.


RCS Wireless Technology is proud to be able to supply school systems in North Carolina and across the country with the equipment and tools they need to improve safety and security at the schools where our kids are learning. Our Call 24 security systems include cameras, software and maintenance packages built to fit each organization’s specific needs.

Whether you are working at a school, a hospital, or any other organization that serves the public, you know the safety of your employees, students and customers is a top priority. Call today to find out how RCS Wireless Technology can help you provide the best security possible.

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