RCS offers communication solutions for law enforcement, emergency responders, hospitals, hotels and more. We understand the importance of instant communication and rapid response when you need it most. Our experienced sales team will evaluate your goals, select the right type and amount of equipment and customize a system for your needs. A leader in two-way radios since 1953, we provide quick, reliable service and support so that you can run your business efficiently and effectively.

Good communication is essential to the success of your business. We work with companies to customize a two-way radio system that will help them do things better, faster and less expensively. Our goal is to help you improve your productivity while staying within your budget.

Some of our equipment includes:

  • EDACS with its unique architecture that ensures continued, uninterrupted operations, EDACS is recognized as a reliable, fault-tolerant trunked communication system
  • 800 Trunking  Whether you have two people or 100+ people who need to group-talk in real time, a trunked radio station will work for you.
  • Kenwood Enhanced UHF Trunking System featuring FleetSync® Technology
  • Conventional Repeaters  With over 30 repeaters located in various locations in North Carolina, we offer the repeater coverage you need.
  • FleetBoss GPS Tracking System  A wise investment to help you control gasoline expenditures and maintenance for your fleet vehicles.


Call RCS Wireless Technology or its CALL24 divisions at 800-441-9191 for more information.

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