CALL24 wireless callbox systems can be tailored to increase pedestrian traffic on any campus whether it be playgrounds, secondary schools, colleges and universities,  healthcare/hospital facilities, parking areas, shopping malls, transit or any area where you want to protect your customers, employees or visitors.

CALL24 is a pioneer in the security business, first introducing products in the mid 90s and continuing today to set the industry standard for new technology, reliability and ease of use.

CALL24 is wireless, making much more cost effective to install than wired or land-line systems.  This also makes it easy to relocate callboxes as your requirements change or your organization grows.  CALL24 was “green” before being “green” became cool!

CALL24 works with any two-way frequency and provides automatic location alarming, two-way voice, intercom and remote monitoring to either dispatch or patrolling officers using either mobile or portable radios.  A simple push button feature allows the caller to talk directly with security.

Contact the CALL24 national sales manager at 1.800.441.9191 to arrange a free callbox security audit for your facility.  Click on EMERGENCY CALLBOXES above for more information and a link to the CALL24 website.

Our Recent Case Study

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