RCS Wireless Technology offers reliable paging solutions that allow you to keep in touch no matter where you are.

Whether you work in public safety, utilities, restaurants or medical industries, our paging systems will increase productivity and make communication more efficient. With RCS Technology, you get outstanding customer service, a large coverage area and competitive pricing. We offer service plans to meet every need and budget.


  • High Quality Products from the best companies, such as Apollo, Sun Telecom and Unication.
  • Internet Paging: Emails can be forwarded or sent to pager. Send pages from our website or via a PC Client software that is compatible with most CAD Systems using SNPP or Tap Protocols.
  • Voice Mail: Callers leave voice messages that alert your pager.
  • Custom Greetings: Callers will hear your customized voice message.
  • Toll-Free Numbers: Your clients and customers can reach at no cost.
  • Numeric Retrieval: The ability to retrieve messages sent while you are traveling outside of the coverage region.
  • Diverse Plans Available to suit your needs and budget, one-way alpha and one-way numeric.
  • Cell Phone Text: Receive your pages on your cell phone.

Call RCS Wireless Technology or its CALL24 divisions at 800-441-9191 for more information.

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