Item Number: SEC-000294

Zone Shield Outlet-Mount Air Purifier


Product Overview:

Defend your habitat with the Zone Shield by SleuthGear.

The Zone Shield is a hidden video recording system that features secure playback and is built-in to actual working electronics or small appliances. Unlike other hidden video recorders, this covert recorder has the added protection of utilizing proprietary software required to play back the captured data on the SD Card. Zone Shield recorders use high capacity SD cards with up to 32 GB storage space. Our system can record continuously, be set in motion detection mode or scheduled to record at specific times.

The Zone Shield line of SleuthGear hidden video recorders are  backed by the prestigious customer service standards of the SleuthGear brand.
Note: The camera installed in this unit is color but may show as black and white in some low light situations. To test color point the camera in the direction of a very bright light, then return to normal use.

Product Features:

• Video Compression H.264
• 30 frames per second (adjustable 1-30)
• Multiple schedule recording options allow you to just record the action
• 32GB SD card capacity allows for up to 3 days of recording space
• Embedded video time & date stamp<

Product Specs:

DVR specs:
• Video Compression H.264
• Record Resolution 720×240 (NTSC) / 720×288 (PAL)
• Recording Frame Rate 6/8, 13/15, 25/30 fps
• Choose from three Time/Date Stamp Formats: 1)yy-mm-dd, 2)dd-mm-yy, 3)mm-dd-yy
• IR remote control
• Firmware Upgrade through Micro SD card
• Operation temperature 0~+50℃
• PC Compatible: WinXP, Vista 32bit, and Win7 32bit, Win7 64bit
• Playback Fast Forward, Backward: x2/ x4/ x8, Frame by Frame
• Playback mode via device itself or Secure Play back with bundled software
• Playback Search By Time, By Event
• Recording Quality 4 Levels adjustable (Super, High, Normal, Standard)
• Recording Storage Micro SD card (support SDHC) up to 32GB
• Video Recording Modes: Continuous, Motion, and Scheduled Recording
Camera specs:
• Image Sensor: ¼” micron sensor
• Video System: NTSC
• Resolution: 740×480 pixels
• S/N Ratio: >45 db
• Sensitivity: >11.5V/lux-s @ 550nm
• White Balance: Auto Tracking

Product Includes:

• Unit
• 2GB SD Card
• SD Card Reader
• Remote
• RCA Cables
• Manual

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